Search option for software boutique 1604 and up

Love the distro, used it for a few years on some machines. My issue with software boutique is there is no search option. I hear @Chrislas and @Kernelinux raving about the boutique or Mate welcome (which is great because it has so much in it that any new or experienced user could want). However, without a search option or lens, there’s no using it for me because I don’t want to think about whether the app is in a certain category. I don’t think in terms of category, but rather, open it up to find a certain app. I’m finding it odd that there’s no search, since that option is standard in any app center (software-center, Muon discover, Apple app store, Google Play… yada yada).

I’m not sure if I’m missing it, or if it’s simply a “yet to be added” feature.

Thanks again for a great distro.


It’s a great idea to have a search option, but it is of no use for me. I only use the Boutique after a fresh install. For all the other cases I either use synaptic or the command-line. But I second that a search feature would be helpful.

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Certainly would be good for a beginner!. :thumbsup:

I hear you. It is a “yet to be added” feature. :slight_smile:

Originally, the Software selection was very small, but now it has grown, searching >150 apps would make things easier.


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I just installed Ubuntu Mate after several years on Lubuntu. I like this much better but, yes, would also appreciate a search function in “software boutique”. I installed synaptic but I like the way the boutique is set for browsing. Just be good to also search.

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Good news, there’s now a search feature! :mag:

Great work, search feature works perfectly! I have another request regarding the Hide Proprietary Software box that can be ticked in the Software Boutique. After each restart of the Software Boutique the box settings fall back to default to show all apps including proprietary software. Ticking the box only works for one session.

search function working fine, thanks.

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Would it be possible to automatically focus the input field for search when you click the button?

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Both requests are on the to-do list. :notepad_spiral: Keep an eye out for future updates. :slight_smile:

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The search function is currently not working in the Software Boutique?

@maro, it should be working. At some point it was temporarily broken between one version but has since been fixed in the latest updates (via “subscribing”).

Also an update to this thread:

  • It may have the power to search packages in the archive for 16.10. :wink:
  • Setting input to the field is technically a bit tricky, but still on the list.
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Hi There!
In my opinion, a search option is totally necessary at this point. Made us very upset not to find this option in the “boutique”. Most people are not programmers, developers, technicians or whatever…just regular users who want to use free software, Ubuntu MATE in this case. Please make it easy for them!! ¿is that complicated? Should be a number one priority!

Hi. This feature had been added in long ago, but it cannot be available as an update for 16.04 “normally” as it isn’t a critical/security update.

This is the reason why there is a “Subscribe for updates” (Welcome) and “Get the latest listings” (Boutique) button, so you can add the Welcome PPA to the system and get the latest version of Welcome containing this feature.

It should be noted this search feature only gets listings from within the Boutique. In future, it will be expanded to search the rest of the software packages out there.

Boutique is getting an overhaul, so expect it to get better in 17.04 and 17.10 :slight_smile:

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Maybe I’m missing something, but I’m using 16.04 and I don’t see a search capability in Software Boutique. Is it there, but I don’t see it?

16.04's original version may or may not have the feature, I can't remember.

However, if you click the "Subscribe for updates" button from Welcome or the Boutique's listings, this will ensure the latest version of Welcome/Boutique with the newer features and latest software listings.

It appears in the top-right of Welcome, similar to this:

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Search is available in 16.04.2