Seeking a little education wrt snap

Just upgraded from a pre-snap release to 22.04.

I found /home/m9ke/snap/snapd-desktop-integration/B3/Documents contains links to every file in my Documents directory.

And I found that deleting or renaming changes made to the files in the snap directory are automatically applied to the files in my Documents directory.

Example: deleted a file in the *B3 directory: it disappeared from my Documents folders. Same if I renamed the file, the filename changed i my Documents directory.

I'm aware of the differing points of view around snap and for the moment I am remaining agnostic.

This mirroring of my Documents directory in the B3 directory concerns me, I understand storage is cheap--that's not the concern.

The concerns are: 1-potentially un-needed complexity; and 2-I did not know that my Documents directory would be linked to file by file until after the install (mostly my bad).

I would greatly appreciate any comments: why is are links to every file being created? Does snap really need to do this in order to function?

Thanks in advance for the education!

Hi, @m9ke :slight_smile:

At least in the case of my laptop, which is also running Ubuntu MATE 22.04 LTS ("Jammy Jellyfish"), but that is a bit different from your setup because my installation is a fresh install (and not an upgrade), those subdirectories of the "snapd-desktop-integration" directory are empty (or, to be more precise, they contain only some hidden files - that is, files with names that begin with a period).

So, contrary to my regular "Documents" folder - that is located at /home/ricmarques/Documents and that contains lots of subfolders and files that I've created - the "Documents" directories located at /home/ricmarques/snap/snapd-desktop-integration/57/Documents and at /home/ricmarques/snap/snapd-desktop-integration/83/Documents are empty, as is also the case of directory /home/ricmarques/snap/snapd-desktop-integration/current/Documents because the "current" directory is currently (no pun intended) a symbolic link to the "83" directory.

By the way: you've mentioned a "B3" (capital B three) directory in your post, but I believe that you meant a "83" (eighty three) directory, instead. Am I right?


See you use it like me. Only have one svg for panel to launch for printing envelopes. Subfolders and images for background. :grinning:

Thanks for your reply. I ended up disabling snap according to these instructions. Good catch- the 'B3' could easily have been a misread of '83' on my part.
Thanks again,

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