Seems that gksu missing?

fresh 18.04 beta install, unable to browse network via caja
smb.conf is configured, s|nmbd running. smbtree reports …

\\BETA           		beta server (Samba, Ubuntu) 4.7.4-Ubuntu
        \\BETA\IPC$           	IPC Service (beta server (Samba, Ubuntu) 4.7.4-Ubuntu)
	\\BETA\public         	public anonymous access
	\\BETA\print$         	Printer Drivers

user@beta:~$ gksu system-config-samba 

Command 'gksu' not found, but can be installed as:

sudo apt install gksu

gksu is deprecated and was removed in 17.10.

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This is somewhat dated, but will help explain why…

Is “sudo -H” still supported for GUI use in the Mate environment? I think it is.

Hey there. I am currently running the latest version of Linux Lite, which I believe is similar to Ubuntu. I have been following the instructions included in the following link:
How to Install Sublime Text in Linux | IT Nota.
My problem is these instructions seem to skip steps. What would you recommend I do so I may finally install Sublime Text 2 onto my computer?


hope this helps.