Select suitable laptop for latest Mate

I have to downsize my desktop [Mate 21.10 now] to a moderate Laptop. [my age and use] I've used only Mate for 6 years.
I hope to buy the raw machine in South Africa with no loaded OS or Mate 20.04.3 preloaded.
Basic specs [not required but more hoped for]
i5 down to i3 or equivalent.
Memory up to 16GB but as much needed for the processor to work reasonably. [I do use movie streaming]
SSD's. preferable 2. 1x +- 250GB [just OS/programs] and 1x 1TB-1.5TB [data]
1x2tb [partitioned for all]
I use Clonezilla regularly]
At least 3 USB ports. [pref. USB3]
Any compatible Laptop R15,000 to R20,000 Net.
I need suggestions - what you have found works for you.
Only the SA government import tax prevents me from getting a Linux designed Laptop. With the Covid pandemic getting a machine to South Africa seems costly - also warrenty difficultiues