Setting up an HP Printer

@wolfman has written a comprehensive tutorial which is appropriate for most folks. If you're like me and already have en older Ubuntu version installed and are upgrading to a new version connecting via USB isn't required.
My network printer was identified correctly upon first reboot after install.

I noticed HP status service was missing. I installed HP Linux Printing and Imaging - GUI utilities (Qt-based) [hplip-gui] using Synaptic.

hplip-gui is also available as a one-click install from Welcome in Getting Started → Drivers → Printers. :thumbsup:


I suggest adding Welcome -> Getting Started -> Drivers -> Printers

for those folks like me who kinda bypassed Welcome :disappointed:

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I’m not sure which version of hplip is in the repos but it didn’t work for me. Now, it may have been updated since installing my printer but should anyone else experience a problem, I installed from here:

Printer works flawlessly :slight_smile: