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I am fairly new to Linux and Ubuntu but it surely beats ms windows!
My name is Bud and I have Ubuntu 19.10 64 bit on one computer and Ubuntu-Mate 64 bit on a different computer.
On the Ubuntu system I can go into "SETTINGS > SHARING" and share out media, music, etc.. I want do the same thing on my Mate system but cannot find the same settings. Is there a way to accomplish this on Mate as easily as Ubuntu? Is there a way to do it at all.
I am new to the community and not sure how this will be replied to. if someone can respond direct. I tried to use IRC but was getting a bit lost.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Hello @bud_hart.

There is an option to share any folder when you right-click on it within Caja (the file manager).

To open Caja, open the menu and starting typing Caja in the search box.

Hi Bud and welcome,

I hope you don't mind that I edited your first post on the forum btw!. :thinking:

See also: :smiley:

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Thanks, but I am looking for the "SETTINGS > SHARE" option in MATE that is in UBUNTU. As asked, is it available or is there a way to make it available?

Thanks for the reply and the answer.

Do look again at the advice given by myself and @wolfman, who linked to advice on the ubuntu forums.

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Control Center > Personal > File Management is where you will find it in Ubuntu Mate, you still need to read the links above for further info. :grinning: