Setup Guide for Classic Mutiny Layout

A couple days ago, I wrote this guide for setting up the Mutiny layout on Debian + MATE. Understanding that this layout was changed slightly in 21.04, I wanted to configure it as it appeared in 16.04, closest to actual Unity.

This consists of the following applets, left to right:

  1. Window Buttons Applet
  2. Install the mate-window-menu-applet, mate-window-title-applet and mate-window-buttons-applet packages.
  3. After adding the window buttons applet to the panel, open the applet settings and set the spacing, padding and behavior of your choice.
  4. Global Application Menu
  5. Install the mate-applet-appmenu package.
  6. To enable the global menu, please follow the instructions at the bottom of this link:
  7. Ayatana Indicators
  8. Please follow the instructions at this link: [MATE Desktop} How to install Ayatana Indicators - Debian User Forums

This consists of the following applets, top to bottom:

  1. Brisk Menu
  2. Use dconf editor to set this to window-type/'dash'. The icon is a custom one I downloaded off DeviantArt, intended to resemble the Unity BFB.
  3. Dock
  4. Install the mate-dock-applet package, then drag/drop applications to it.
  5. Trash
  6. NOTE: I set Panel Properties to Autohide and Size 58, to better match the Brisk Menu and docked application icon sizes.


  1. Install the mate-netbook and mate-netbook-common packages.
  2. In the Windows section, select "Undecorate maximized windows" and put your window control placement to the left.

NOTE: If any features are not working correctly, either logout/login or reboot.


While I'm not a fan of Unity, thus not of Mutiny I'm thrilled to see someone taking up the goal of keeping it alive in future versions of Mate desktop. Thanks for sharing this guide with us all so that those who love Unity\Mutiny still get to enjoy their desktop.


I don't use Mutiny since I like the Redmond layout, but it's extremely kind of you to take the time to teach people how to correctly use Mutiny. I might give it a shot on one of my computers for a week or two. Thanks!