Setup VNC like Raspbian

I would like to setup a VNC Server that works the same way Raspbian’s did (it starts at boot and allows me to view tty1). Could someone give me instructions on doing so? Thanks :slight_smile:

What do you mean by like Raspbian? Are you trying to remote desktop your pi with vnc? Tell me more about what you want.

Raspian comes with VNC server already installed. To use it in Mate i will copy/paste what I answered in another topic:

You need to download the .deb from the webpage:

Then to start it:

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Sorry to grave dig but a useful link is dead and the page wasn't archived..

To get the full Raspbian experience (start at boot, icon for service, information window) you just need to enable the correct service after installing. It is not done automatically and the VNC on/off switch isn't (yet) available in the Ubuntu MATE version of raspi-config.

  • To reach local sessions, use Service mode: sudo systemctl enable vncserver-x11-serviced.service
  • To reach virtual session, use Virtual mode: sudo systemctl enable vncserver-virtuald.service

Most users will use Service mode so they can remote into the same session as the keyboard/mouse/monitor is running. Edit: reboot to see service changes.

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Hi there

So if I want VNC to start at boot all I have to do is install the .deb and then run the Service mode command? (I am hoping to be able to access my Pi through my laptop and not use an extra monitor or keyboard after the set up, will the instruction in your comment allow this? And which mode should I use Service or Virtual mode?)


noob here..

dear sir.. i also like to run realvnc server on ubuntu-mate like raspbian..
i know some service not start at boot.. but tell me graphical interface and cloud connection working or not?
if working, then tell me some step..
sorry for my english..

if anyone know how to do? please help

So when I run the above commands I get:

Failed to enable unit: Unit file vncserver-x11-serviced.service does not exist.

And the same for the virtual one.

I also tried to download the .deb file as you suggested on another thread:
VNC download site
but when I go to install it, the Gdebi package installer says:

"error wrong architecture - run dpkg --add-architechture to add it and update afterwards"

Have you managed to get VNC running correctly on an Raspberry Pi 4 running the 64 bit version of Ubuntu Mate?

I ran into that as well. In terminal enter:

sudo dpkg --add-architechture armhf

i did.. but how to configure? please sir..