Shared FAT32 partition not showing files in Windows 10 (dual-boot on partitioned drive)

So, I got a new drive a couple of months back and have been using UM 22.04/Win10 without any problems. However, I need to share files between the two OS' just to make my life a little bit easier. So I created a 20GB FAT32 partition where I can dump files I use most frequently. I rsync'd a folder onto the FAT32 partition but after booting up in Win10, the folders and the files within are not showing up. I can confirm that the folder/files are there when using UM.

Any guidance on how to solve this will be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Previously, I made the partition as NTFS but Win10 was unable to detect it, so I went with FAT32. I know the file limitations but the files I have are less than 20MB each, so FAT32 is fine for me.

A quick google to:

suggests a possibility: from your disk manager in Win 10, right click on the partition and assign it a disk letter to make it "accessible" rather than just "visible" from within Windows.