Should I install TLP in Ubuntu Mate 14.04.2 LTS?


I would like to ask you about power management.
There are a lot of websites suggesting that TLP ( could improve battery life in linux.

So, my questions are:

  1. it is true that TLP can improve battery life for Ubuntu Mate 14.04.2 too? Is it better than the power manager that come with Ubuntu Mate?
  2. In case the answer for the first question is “yes”, I’ve read that installing TLP aside others power managers utilities could be bad, so… in order to install TLP, should I uninstall any other power managers that come along with Ubuntu Mate and maybe could collide with TLP?



Take a look here:

Ubuntu MATE 14.04 LTS Useful Information[enter link description here][1]

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I don’t know why, but cpufreqd, that is mentioned in that article as “installed by default”, wasn’t installed here.
Anyway, your answer was very helpful, thanks.

Perhaps @Wimpy has removed it by default? Anyway, TLP is a great tool! I can recommend it!

If you’re using a ThinkPad, there are some further tools like thinfinger and others, but not each app does work with every model of thinkpad.

cpufreqd was installed in error in Ubuntu MATE 14.04.1. You should remove it. I install TLP on all my Ubuntu MATE computers.

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