Shrunk laptop screen

Hi, I got a 5458 Inspiron with a shrunk screen. I can’t seem to find a fix for it, doesn’t matter the OS. Anyone knows how to fix this?

Best guess: EDID is broken. (Either inherently, or the ribbon to the display is damaged etc).

You can try cvt and xrandr --newmode (lots of reading for you to do!). It's safe, but it won't help if the screen can't be driven properly.

I believe I have a rootkit, bootkit, an botkit installed in the pc. When I try to update to the a01 firmware sometimes I takes it, after running r-kill an kdsskiller. And the bios info shows correct But the nvidia graphics don’t work. now when running r-kill it says r-kill has closed because it failed to load app data. After I reflash to a01 the bios menu shows the correct info but the screen still shrunk.

I do have bios clips to flash but I can’t find the dell Inspiron 5458 bios bin file. Can anyone provide it

Quick update *

My suspicion was right, so far tdsskiller found 283.