Simple addition for less-experienced users

I think pinning the Software Boutique to the desktop would help less-experienced users figure out how to install software.

My grandpa uses Ubuntu MATE on his computer, and he likes it quite a lot. However, he is often unable to find the menu "to get new apps," per his own words. I think pushing new users to explore this would be greatly helpful. By adding it to be one of two icons on the default desktop, that may be the best way to do so.

Thanks for the great work on this project - you've saved my family a couple thousand dollars in computer costs!

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Or you could just add the icon for soft manager to the desktop or panel by right clicking it and then clicking add this launcher to panel or add this launcher to desktop for grandpa. You see there are also lot of people that prefer the command line, or Synaptic, and would not want that icon there by default. So why don't you grandpa a favor and fix the problem for him? Add the icon for him, show grandpa you love him.

"Software Boutique" is not what a user looks for when they log into a computer to do something. There are many reasons to criticize base Ubuntu in its modern form, but this is certainly not one of them - Ubuntu (GNOME) Software has an App Store-like icon pinned to the top left by default.

Users who won't use this... won't use it. As a computer science major, I know a ton of very experienced people who use Ubuntu, but most of them don't mind the icon whatsoever. For less experienced users, the icon is instantly recognizable to anyone who has ever used an app store.

In any case, I quite understand the fear behind adding more to the screen. Microsoft showed how bad it can get with Windows 10. I don't think many people used Candy Crush that frequently! However, for an application so vital to the Linux experience, I think the Boutique should have special treatment - yes, over Candy Crush!

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Hello onkoe

This idea has merit.

@Wimpy onkoe has a point, what do you think Wimpy? If yes, could this make it into 22.04?

What or what not should be the default will be debated forever.
I do like the KISS principle myself. If we add everything everyone wants as a default the OS would become very cluttered.