Sisimedia video support please and overheat problem in 16.04

Only rpm based distros like mageia or openmandriva and pclinux os supports sisimedia video driver

I can’t login 16.04 because latest kernel is overheating cpu

add option too choose kernel 4.1 with long term support please. Here is my problem:

I solved my problem in kernel 4.1 LTS but 4.4 don’t.

Not sure I understand you.
Did you try Kernel 4.1 with Ubuntu MATE 16.04?
Are you sure this is a kernel issue and not overheat caused by a rogue program such as gvfsd-smb?

Hi @Daniel_Paim,

try running “dpkg” (network cable connection required!) per the update guide:

See also:

Does Ubuntu 16.04 option to choose kernel 4.1 LTS during installation?

No it’s not an option. You always get the 4.4 kernel after install.

I need kernel 4.1 LTS please

I solved my overheat problem. Does VESA mode supports 2D acceleration? Sisimedia Does. Bodhi Linux users compiled for deb. I will thy this VESA mode.