Site links need updating

Ubuntu 22.04.4 (and flavors) were released..

Download links for 22.04 currently still point to which no longer exists... thus it's a 404 error


I just also noted

makes reference to 23.04; that should also be removed.

I note you working on this @ricmarques , thanks.


Hi, @guiverc (Chris Guiver) :slight_smile:

You wrote:

Thanks for that great warning! I've just submitted the following "Pull Request" for the " repository in GitHub" - "feat: update downloads for 22.04 from 22.04.3 to 22.04.4 by ricmarques · Pull Request #175 · ubuntu-mate/ · GitHub" - with the changes that I think are necessary to fix that problem in the web page:

I do NOT have any write privileges to that "Git Hub" repository, but I see that @franksmcb (Bill) does have those privileges and he has already merged my "Pull Request". That was fast! Thanks @franksmcb :slight_smile: