Sleep mode shuts off monitor

I use a TV for my computer monitor.

Whenever my computer goes into sleep mode, the TV shuts off requiring me to physically hit the power button to turn it back on.

Is that normal?


Yes. I have used several different televisions as monitors and this has happened with every single one. In my case, it's a setting in the TV firmware (that I have not found a way to disable) that turns off the TV when there is no input detected for a certain period of time. On some devices, I have found settings to change the delay, but never to be able to disable the feature entirely.

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It'll depend on what you TV does.

@goinglinux mentions several TVs that perform as you describe.

I have 2x TVs that just blank their screen & appear to power down (red power LED on TV starts slowly blinking as if in standby mode) but TV wakes should I wake up the computer. I made no changes, it's just how the 2x flat-screen TVs I have work.

Personally I'd rather have it turn fully off (what you have), as I don't use mine as monitors. My use is usually short-term with a laptop, which I usually unplug & don't return, and it both wastes energy & requires more remote buttons to turn back into a normal TV should it have gone into its power-save monitor mode.