Slight issue I can't figure out while booting/restarting mate 21.10

Hello all!

Just wanted to say that Ubuntu Mate is an undiscovered jewel as far as I am concerned! Love it!

I do have a minor glitch that I don't even know where to begin to start with. When I boot Mate or restart it, I the following window pops up. Everything, as far as I can tell works fine, but I would like to figure out what the issue is and fix it if possible.

Screenshot at 2022-01-16 12-46-28

No biggie, just trying to get rid of the warning and figure out what the problem might be.

If you click Report Problem, it should pop another window which should say what was the issue. You can resize that window to see all details. Take a screenshot, paste it here.

Thanks for your quick reply!

It doesn't do that. I have been clicking on the report problem button all along, and the whole window just disappears. That is kind of why I am stuck. Don't know where to start looking. Puzzling isn't it?

By the way, I was only allowed one picture per session, so I am posting computer information below.

Screenshot at 2022-01-18 10-49-58

If all you want is to prevent that window from appearing in the future, then open the Terminal application (you can find it under the menu if you search for Terminal), and when the terminal pops up, enter the following and press Enter:

sudo rm /var/crash/*


Thanks for the information. I didn't have to use it though. It has suddenly stopped doing it. I haven't done anything to try to solve it. Who knows? It had been bugging me for about 3 weeks or so, and then voila, disappeared!

Thank you both for you prompt replies and suggestions. I really don't know if I should mark it as solved though, as nothing was done on my end here. Let me know if I should & I will certainly mark it.

I had this same message for a while...When I looked at the issue, it was always the same, and it made no difference otherwise.
For me it was easy, after I "report problem", it gives me the option to not see the problem report next time, I choose "no" and I have never seen it since. I hop that works for you as it did me.


I had been reporting the problem, but when I "clicked" on the Report Problem box, the warning would vanish and never give me an option like you and others refer about. Anyway, it is gone now and so far has not come back. Go figure. :roll_eyes:

Thank you for your reply. I will refer to it if it comes back again. :crossed_fingers:

firefighter: Now, that it's not showing, I would try saving the setup (I use timeshift), and that way if it ever happens again, you can go back to the saved file which doesn't have that issue.