Slimjet.deb web browser instead of Chromium snap package

If you are someone that doesn't want snap packages but would like Chromium I found the Slimjet Browser. It is almost an exact clone of Chromium\Chrome. I had tried downloading the .deb package from Debian but there was always a dependency problem. I tried a lot of others like Vivaldi, Brave, Opera, and Epiphany. They all did to much or two little or drove me crazy with ads. While there is not an official Ubuntu repository for Slimjet, you can set it to notify you by the day, week or month when there is an updated version to download.
If you want almost an exact clone instead of a snap package, I recommend Slimjet.


I wouldn't trust a closed-source browser, especially one:

  • With tiny userbase.
  • With delayed updates. Stable version is two months old. Not good, security-wise.
  • That fights for privacy, against Facebook and Google, while adding practical Facebook integration in the menu.
  • That tells me it would download pictures up to 20X (and «files» up to 12 times) faster than Chrome, IE or Firefox.

As for brave, It takes about one minute to disable the Brave Shields and crypto widgets.