Slow boot on 18.04.2

Hi I noticed that Ubuntu MATE 18.04.2 is booting rather slow and also takes a while to shut down too. Is anyone else experiencing this? And what could be causing this? After I installed all the updates and apps I wanted after initial install of the OS it started being slower. I don't have that many apps either and my laptop has plenty of processing power and plenty of RAM. Here's my laptop specs:

systemd-analyze blame

will list how much time services take to start ... maybe you can find which one is slow.


I used that command (systemd-analyze blame) to look at what the heck was keeping galileo's mate 18.04 from booting as fast as newton's. At first I thought that fstrim was causing a bottle-neck but the entry immediately before was the culprit - NetworkManager-wait-online.service

See -

sudo systemctl disable NetworkManager-wait-online.service cut what felt like 15 seconds off galileo's boot time. It shuts down much faster also.


Thanks for the excellent tip.

It knocked about 15 secs off my boot time.

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Ok thanks I'll try that

Thanks for the info, link and command. I'll give it a shot!

I also had a PCI bus error on boot up and shutdown and it was making it slow so I found a solution for that and now I don't have any errors and my boot and shutdown are a lot faster. Thanks y'all for the tips! If y'all are having that PCI bus error too then see the post I made about it in Support and Help Requests.