Slow boot up 19.04 issue

Upgraded from 18.10 to 19.04 a few months ago.

Noticed that the boot up process is much slower now than 18.10 was and I am a loss as to why. 18.10 was quite quick to boot up and everything ran fine. Note that once 19.04 boots, computer runs fantastic. Not sure if hardware is the issue or it's a software

Hardware is an older iMac (8 years old, Intel) that I completely overwrote with Ubuntu Mate. Everything working fine as stated, only the boot up process is extremely slow.

Any suggestions or ideas would be welcome however please note that I am somewhat of a newbie to Linux. I am prepared to completely re-install if need be but preference would be not to.

Thanks in advance to the community for the assistance.

I recently had a slow boot issue with 18.04. The slowness was due to Caja timing out. I could not find a fix. I finally restored an image back up from a few weeks prior and slowness was gone. You may want to consider a fresh install.

Thanks jaybo, appreciate the reply.

Still trying to work on a fix without having to go through all that but will do it if need be.