Small suggestion for 20.04 (Super+D)

In 20.04. the development team has improved shortcut keys. for example opening the terminal is now Super+ T.

A neat multitasking shortcut i use personally on windows is Windows key+ D (Minimizes all windows and goes back to desktop),
On Ubuntu it is CTRL+ALT+D. How about adding a shortcut to Super+D as it would be more simple. and also more recognizable to New users who are migrating from Windows?

its a small suggestion. I'm aware i can change it on my own. but, What do you guys think?

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That's already implemented in 19.10. But it doesn't seem to work on all computers, at least not on my wife's Asus Notebook.

Really? It Doesn't work on my Asus Desktop.

COnfirmed not working, but I also use Compiz so it must be a Marco thing.

I'm a bit confused about what is not working.

Ctrl+Alt+D should be configured to show Desktop. Is that not working on the Asus systems?

If not what is Control Center > Keyboard Shortcuts > Hide all normal windows and set focus to the desktop set to?

CTRL+ALT+D Is working. but i figured just like devs turned CTRL+ALT+T in to SUPER+T
it'd be more comfortable and more recognizable to users migrating from windows if it would also be Super+ D

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Ahhh...I misunderstood.

As for a 20.04 change, it's too close to the release date to have that considered as it's not a bug. I will however make sure that it is added to the list for consideration in 20.10.

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Sorry, could be my mistake. Super + D works on my Samsung notebook but maybe it's because I defined this shortcut in system settings (there called "Mod4+D"), shortly after the installation of UM.

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