Small typo on download page (Numbat 22.04 instead of 24.04)

Small typo in html on the downloadpage:

<h4 class="prerelease"> 22.04 LTS (Pre-release) </h4>

should be

<h4 class="prerelease"> 24.04 LTS (Pre-release) </h4>


Hi, @tkn (thom) :slightly_smiling_face:

You wrote:

Great catch! As I've mentioned before, I don't have admin rights to but, based on your warning, I've submitted, a few minutes ago, the following "Pull Request" to the "" GitHub repository :

I also do NOT have any write privileges to that "Git Hub" repository, but I know that @franksmcb (Bill) does have those write privileges, and so does @Wimpy (Martin Wimpress) himself (obviously). So, let's hope that one of them accepts that "pull request" of mine :slight_smile: