SMART in disks window

I have installed both nvme-cli and smartmontools and both work manually on internal SSD and external USB3 drives. Neither show up in disks - options - SMART data and self tests which are greyed out for both drives. Is there a way to get this to work in the disks window?

Hi @Doug1 :slight_smile:

Please find the fallowing link to a topic that proposes a workaround :

That does not really answer my question. I can access SMART manually from the command line. The problem is that it is grayed for any drive in the disks screen. Somewhere there has to be a configuration for this item. A definition of what it is suppose to do. Does this item work on anyone's system?

Working my side :

Did you try the proposed workaround ?

Unfortunately, it's a bug in GNOME Disks or the underlying udisks library. It doesn't look like much has changed.

SMART data doesn't appear for me either for my NVMe (/dev/nvme0n1)

Nor external USB drives: