SNAFU in 16.04 to 22.04 Upgrade

Before doing a clean install of Ubuntu Mate 22.04, I did a complete backup of the computer in 16.04 using Deja Dup. After the install, the Backups app in 22.04 is not recognizing the catalog that was done in 16.04. I am assuming that it is a previous version, and would like a suggestion/solution for this. There are 200 gigs of developer files in the backup drive that need to go back in and really would appreciate some ideas. Where do I get a compatible version to restore the backup?
My only other option is to re-install 16.04. which is considered end of life, and live with that, and the messages I'm getting. Really ■■■■■■ with Canonical at the moment for not warning about this for the users. It looks like the files are diftars, and sigtars for the signatures.I checked the version in 22.04.2 LTS, it is 42.9. In 16.04 it is 34.02 oubuntu. Should I look for and download the 34.02 package and install that to resolve the issue?

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS was released in 2016-April with 5 years of standard supported life. The announcement/release notes said

Maintenance updates will be provided for 5 years for Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Cloud, Ubuntu Core, and Ubuntu Kylin. All the remaining flavours will be supported for 3 years.

That meant Ubuntu 16.04 LTS reached EOSS in April 2021, with Ubuntu-MATE (being a flavour) reaching EOL in April 2019.

If you want an easier ride of upgrades, I'd suggest using one of the supported paths & also upgrading within the timelines the release says is supported (thus QA-tested for!).

Warnings of EOL (inc. EOSS) go out six weeks before EOL (eg. here) and are actually posted in many ways and using different methods. You could always have run ubuntu-support-status on your system anytime for details anyway.

I'd have just opted for a upgrade via re-install (ie. repair type of installation where you install the newer version instead of the same version as the install type was intended for), alas with a six year jump, you'd have to check for each program where data matters to you, to ensure no data-adjustment steps were missed in those six years. The checks done by packagers/developers assume you use supported upgrade moves & not the jump you made.


Thank you for a completely useless reply. I am interested in solutions to this problem, and perhaps this is not the place to look for those. With that being said, there are many out there that are in fact making this jump, and need that information. I discovered this after going to several other support sites. I also noted that you had no information for the primary problem which is the incompatibility between earlier versions of deja dup and the current one. If there is anyone out there that can offer constructive solutions to this problem, please let me know.

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Hi @Elizabethdonavan,

I understand your pure frustration about inaccessible backups. Deja Dup is a tool from GNOME Project, and their Gitlab is a right place to get technical support. Your upgrade path is indeed quite unique, so sarcastic wording is unnecessary.
Since Deja Dup is a GUI for duplicity, the most straightforward move is to try restoring using duplicity in terminal. Please, check this comprehensive article from GNOME wiki.

Hope this helps.


I agree, if you wait that long the best thing is a good backup and clean install.
Actually you should do the same backup whether you upgrade or install, something could always go wrong in an upgrade.

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I agree esp. with regards backup... but I was suggesting I'd have done an unclean install...

Your clean install would has more chance of success; but I like the idea of no restores of data being necessary; thus my usual unclean install to upgrade. I QA-test it often, though QA doesn't include 3rd party packages...

Later addition: The other reason I like unclean install, is that that install method also re-installs the manually-installed packages I'd added to the system after install automatically (if they exist in the new release & I have internet available during install for them to be downloaded).. It's just to quick & easy.