Snap Daemon procrastination at shutdown


I would like to report that each time I reboot a system, Snap Daemon causes procrastination and mandatory wait time until system forced shutdown.

I guess it's best to report any issue you encounter on Launchpad:

you should be able to use this to make it procrastinate less.

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Thanks for the instructions. I have heard about the method. But is snap daemon necessary to have by default on UM-20.04.1?

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Well, there are two snaps in Ubuntu MATE by default: Ubuntu MATE Welcome and Software Boutique. The snap daemon is required to run snaps. Canonical is pushing this universal package format they believe in.
If I remember correctly, those two snaps are in this package format due to easier maintenance.
It's handy to have the snap daemon installed when you want some piece of software that is not available in *.deb format and you're not willing to build from source.
Is it necessary ? Probably not. They could have put the two packages in *.deb. It would be harder to maintain for them and would launch a few milliseconds faster.

If you've been around for a while you might know there's a whole debate going on about Snaps.
In the end, it's just more apps available for the end user.
If you hate snaps and they just ruin your user experience for whatever reason, you can replace those two snaps with a PPA, remove the snap daemon (I forgot the right command to get rid of it) or try another distro snap-free that sports the MATE desktop if you're into that peculiar desktop environment (Linux Mint MATE, Manjaro MATE, OpenSUSE Leap/Tumbleweed MATE, Arch Linux etc...) . All have pros and cons.


Thanks for taking time to give elaborate answer. I have nothing against snap, but in terms of clarity, I rather have one thing do the good job than to have three separate things doing the same thing and each failing somewhere down the line anyway on different occasions.

Linux world is much about diversity, as well as organic kind of competition - from what I have observed - so bringing it to some kind of uniformity, would be a tough deal. It is understandable some people may feel upset if someone, therefore, tried to "rush" things to the "good ending". Linux is a slow moving piece, metaphorically speaking, is it not? But that is the beauty of it, I guess.

That having been said, I better keep the snappy daemon present on the system, since the boutique is one of the things that convinced me to the Ubuntu MATE.


remove the snap daemon (I forgot the right command to get rid of it)

"sudo apt remove --purge snapd" is pretty much all you need. :slight_smile:

My preference is generally to just use "systemctl disable snapd" instead on new systems, just in case some package that I need has suddenly become unavailable through the normal channels. (Chromium is one that some people may care about, as an example).
Invariably though, 6 months later I notice that it's technically still installed, and just remove it completely.

snaps / etc do have a role to play - but right now, the design and implementation are both fairly broken for many cases; and Canonical's determination to be the "App Store" of desktop Linux - with nobody else even allowed to play at all - makes snaps even less attractive than the alternatives, so they're still very much Not For Me.