Software Boutique: include more games?

Software Boutique on Ubuntu MATE 17.10 has right now:

  • 15 games
  • 2 collections of card games
  • 1 game store(Steam)
  • 1 “meta emulator”(RetroArch)
  • PlayOnLinux(that enables you play some Windows games)

I know you can install gnome-software and synaptic to download more games but I would like to suggest including more free and open source games. I don’t know the criteria used to include a game or not, but one idea is to include popular games: use the star rating system of gnome-software, make a list of the top 25 or top 50 games with the most stars (or the most voted) and add them to the Software Boutique.

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I concur. There are a lot of quality games for free on the Linux Platform and lots of emulators worth mentioning.

(I won’t name some due to being called out for bias)

Maybe we as a community can pitch in on this?

I believe with the new Software Botique coming in 18.04 the software selection will be wider or at least over time it will be widened making it a complete software store equal to gnome-software or pretty much so