Software Boutique not loading

Hello, I recently installed ubuntu 18.04 LTS (32 bit) on acer M5610 desktop pc. I’m using italian version. The software boutique is not loading. when open the software boutique it says loading and hangs . Please anyone can help? Thank you!

Please see - First software update after 18.04 32 bit install breaks Software Boutique

It is a bug of some sort.

Thank you very much for the reply.

I read all post but I could’nt find a solution to risolve the issue. It seems that there are no solutions yet for this issue. Is my understanding is correct?

Yes, your understanding is correct. Either a fix will come along in a few weeks or it won’t. Good luck TNAG.

Ok. I understand. thank you very much!

Hello! i recently installed ubuntu mate using the same DVD on another machine which I used to install ubuntu mate on this machine. The other machine older than this one. for my surprise software boutique works fine on other machine. Hence I believe that there is something wrong with this machine. Any suggestions ? thank you very much!