Software Boutique Request - Kdenlive video editor

Hi. Is there any chance you guys could add Kdenlive to the boutique?
It has an apt-repository and a PPA.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Kdenlive was considered if my memory serves me correctly. OpenShot was chosen instead since:

:x: Kdenlive pulls in a load of KDE dependencies.
:x: Having both would meant having two pieces of software that offered duplicate functionality, which the Boutique intentionally wants to avoid.

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That’s a shame, looks like a really nice video editor :slight_smile:

"That’s a shame, looks like a really nice video editor "

yes and no! i did use it over 2 years and if you dont use it in a kde environment you will have a lot of problems. From the interface (missing icons etc) to rendering time.

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I am not a developer but isn’t it possible to develop an application DE-agnostic to ensure it runs well in all desktop environments? Or are most of the applications featured in the Software Boutique also specifically designed to work best for the MATE desktop environment? Why is it that mostly KDE-related software is causing problems? Is Linux Mint trying to solve some of these problems with the X-Apps and how does the Ubuntu MATE team relate to this?


I like Kde app ,use their libraries, K3b, Kaffeine, Kazam and Kdeenlive, I like to keep using these applications. So0ftware boutique uses Gnome libs, I think that over time things change with Snap packages …

When we add snap support to Software Boutique we’ll add kdenlive and krita :smiley: