Requirements for adding Software Boutique applications

What's considered?

  • The objective of the Boutique is to offer the "best in class" of applications and simplify the selection of software for specific purposes.
  • We tend to stay clear of software that offers:
    • Duplicate functionality (e.g. OpenShot and Kdenlive)
    • Requires a lot of dependencies (e.g. KDE)
  • Software should be of interest to the average user, and powerful (potentially destructive) tools should be avoided.
  • Software can be :lock: proprietary or :heart: open source (we like the latter!)


  • Integrates well with the MATE Desktop.
    • Software should have no issues running, like missing icons or other issues due to running in a MATE environment.
  • Has a trustworthy PPA or Apt Source
    • Stable channels preferred.
    • Official sources please where available.
    • Stand alone debs cannot be added.

Proposing an application

Please start a thread in the #development-discussion with the #boutique tag.

Then, clearly state the following:

  • Name of the application.
  • Your own short description.
  • Your own screenshot under Ubuntu MATE.
  • Link to the website.
  • Specify the source -- Ubuntu repositories, PPA, or Apt Source?
    • If the software only provides debs, the software will not be considered.
  • Packages to be installed.
  • Which architectures are supported?
    • amd64, armhf, arm64

Community feedback

With enough interest and confirmation from others in the community, we'll consider adding your desired application to the Software Boutique. :thumbsup:

We'll keep this thread updated with the guidelines if something changes.