Suggestion: Add geogebra5 to Software Boutique

I don’t know why geogebra is stuck at version 4 at Ubuntu repositories but geogebra 5 has been released quite some time (over 2 years ago if I recall correctly). Can we add it at the Software Boutique under the Education category? I don’t know how Software Boutique works and how easily (or not) can this been done, but when you install the .deb file it automatically adds a repository and a Key for future updates. More details are here:

Maybe a warning needs to be added about conflicts between geogebra5 and the geogebra from the ubuntu’s repositories.

Package name: geogebra5
GPG Key:[email protected]
Architectures supported according to :

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Geogebra 5 cannot be added to the Software Boutique as there is no PPA available for this. That is one of the requirements for software to be included.

For reference:

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@wizd3m @lah7 Can you please explain more? After the installation I see these lines at Software & Updates:

How is that different from chrome installation for example?

Ah, I seem to have missed that one :wink:

If you want to include GeoGebra in your custom Linux distribution with GeoGebra included, the best way is to add the official GeoGebra repository ( to your package management system. The GPG key of the repository is at[email protected] - the name of the package is geogebra5. This will conflict with the earlier versions (4.0, 4.2 and 4.4), which are named geogebra (and geogebra44 for 4.4) and should be deleted first.

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I edited the topic so that it is more clear, do I have to do anything else?