Software Boutique Wishlist

Hi, I made this little post in order to give some suggestions content-wise for the already excellent Software Boutique as I believe some software currently missing could improve the overall user experience. I know too well too much software would clutter the boutique so take it for what it is: a wishlist.

## Graphics:
Krita. Well known piece of software for artists. It's in the Ubuntu repos but new users could like some help with a one click GUI install. It would fit right in the boutique with quality software like Darktable, GIMP and Inkscape.

## Internet:
With the recent privacy debacle related to WhatsApp and the ongoing situation, it could be nice to add some more private messaging solutions in the boutique. There already Gajim/Pidjin/Telegram and Wire but I believe those would come in handy as well.

Signal, which seemed to benefit the most from that episode is currently missing. Adding it coulpd help new users as well as the current installation method might not be the most intuitive thing to them.

The same goes for Element, another client, this time using the Matrix Protocol.

Last but not least, because sometimes one might want to sacrify privacy for the sake of the convenience and because it's hugely popular (notably amongst gamers) the Discord client could make a good addition as well. Oh, and there's the official Ubuntu MATE discord server as well !

## Sound & Video:
While Rhythmbox is great, I think some alternatives would not hurt. I know that Lollipop is coming but Clementine, Strawberry and DeaDBeeF could be nice additions as well.

There's not much to see in the Boutique as well when it comes to getting good sounds out of a guitar on a Linux Computer.
That's why It would be cool to find in this section some software like Guitarix (free software) which is in the Ubuntu Repos.

Some great addition to me could be the offerings from ToneLib that are proprietary software but are of great quality. They wouldn't repulse musicians used to programs like Positive Grid Bias/Bias FX, Amplitube or Guitar Rig Pro on other platforms. Currently available in deb packages.
ToneLib GFX is an amp and effects modeling software for guitar and bass. It can record your music, has an embedded drum machine and can play backtracks as well.
ToneLib Jam is basically ToneLib GFX + an alternative for Guitar Pro. Really powerful.
Those software have an evaluation period after which a splashscreen with a countdown is displayed when you launch them or you can just buy them (prices are cheap for what they do).

OBS seems to be the streamers' favorite and it's not there. Available in the Ubuntu repos too.

## Server:
I see samba-related stuff and SSH but no love for NFS. It currently requires the installation of nfs-common on the clients and nfs-kernel-server on the host.


I have installed Clementine and Krita with both apt-get and Synaptic. Guitarix was also on Synaptic. I don't use software boutique as I prefer Synaptic, but it is hard to believe they are not there if I can install them with apt and Synaptic.

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Regarding OBS, it is in there, but it wasn't available for Eoan (19.10).

I'm surprised Discord isn't in there either :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting suggestions! Though I don't generally make decisions on deciding what to keep or delete, I shall pass a note to the team.

I did some digging, it turns out we did write some guidelines back in 2016:

Most notably, Clementine, Strawberry and DeaDBeeF would be offering duplicate functionality of a music player.

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Thanks for the guidelines !

I see a lot of my suggestions fall flat :smile:, whether it is the dependencies (Krita I guess), the deb only ones (ToneLib) or the duplicated music players (I was going wild for those ones, especially with Strawberry that is a fork of Clementine).

As for OBS, I can't find it in the Boutique (Snap) on 20.10.

Krita has been previously requested (as far back as 2016) -- while a Qt app at heart, it looks like it still pulls in a lot of KDE dependencies today.

Regarding OBS, it's the index file itself that doesn't state focal,groovy, so it doesn't appear under 20.10. We'll need to amend/re-test that entry.

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