Software Boutique shows blank white window

Today when I tried to run the software boutique, I just got a white window. I’m running the traditional layout, with the Marco adaptive compositor. I’ve tried it without compositing, too, but I get the same results.

Any ideas?

Hi @Tstechy,

have you done all your updates?:

What graphics card do you have?. :smiley:

Yes, I’ve done all the updates. I have an Nvidia card. Using the proprietary driver, but choosing to use the Intel GPU in Prime Profiles.

OK, I figured out what is wrong. When I choose to use the Intel GPU, I just get a white screen. When I choose to use the NVIDIA GPU, the welcome and boutique screens work as expected. Also, if I go back to using the nouveau driver, it seems to work. Problem is, although the Nvidia driver has great performance, it does not let me suspend when I close the laptop lid…at least, it won’t recover from a suspend.

Ubuntu Mate Welcome is a python application in the back end. In the front end it’s a webpage that is rendered with webkit or webkit2. The problem is not all graphics hardware is supported by WebKit. For example, Intel 965 chipset doesn’t support WebGL.