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So I am thinking about installing Ubuntu mate on my laptop and I was wondering, does Ubuntu mate have a software center?

Yes, of course. For example see this topic.

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Ubuntu MATE has its own in-house application called the Software Boutique (part of the Welcome application).

This offers a hand picked “best in class” applications that have been tried and tested and runs well on Ubuntu MATE… including popular applications like Steam, Skype, Google Chrome and many other open source software like GIMP, the alternate to Photoshop.

There are options to install software centres and Synaptic Package Manager too which allow you to explore the entire Ubuntu catalogue of software. :slight_smile:

This is how it looks like. It is one of the most innovative projects of Ubuntu MATE, making it easier to find, select and use the software you need. It allows installation and de-installation of curated software with a single click.

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Hello and welcome to the Ubuntu Mate forum, Ubuntu Mate has it’s own Software Boutique
that has just about anything you need to keep your system running top and notch. It’s a clean display and will provide everything you need for your system