How to install Software under Ubuntu mate 15.10?

Hi, I came from ubuntu 12.04 lts and had to upgrade.

Ubuntu doesn’t have a normal menu so I came to mate.
And now I do not know how to install software. Synaptic isn’t part of system anymore, o.k.

But if I want to install for example QGIS, any CAD system, what to do? Is apt get … the only way?

Thank you


You have to open the "Welcome-Window" (see applications menu).
Once you opened Welcome, visit "Software".
Here you will find an link to software centres.

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Sorry, but I cannot find the welcome window, it came when I started, but now it is not to be found :frowning:

In German there is a menu “Anwendungen” that means applications
Among this there are

  • “Barrierefreiheit”
  • “Büro” - office
  • “Grafik” - grafics
  • “Internet”
  • “Multimedia”
  • “Systemwerkzeuge” - system tools
  • “Zubehör”

Where to look for it?

In that case, for Synaptic:

sudo apt-get install synaptic

Or, for a more user-friendly GUI:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:appgrid/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install appgrid

System | Administration | Ubuntu Software Center

Thank you, so I found it:

System | Administration | Welcome

But that’s not the end of my questions :frowning:

  • I do not find a search button
  • If I step through i do not find my programs, f.e. Lazarus or QGis

How can I install this via Mate? Or do I have to install synaptic or anything else?

Thank you all for your help

See also:


When you use the Software Center, type near the top right and it will subset the results as you type. If the program is installed, you will see a green dot near the icon. Or use synaptic, there are many ways to do a task on Linux

I googled “ubuntu lazarus”

I searched for “ubuntu qgis”

Hope this helps

Please read my first reply again. Click on the highlighted Link (red rounded) and install Ubuntu Software-Center.

When installed, open Ubuntu Software-Center. On the right you can see a search box. Type in "Lazarus" (without "").
You will find the program. So i find it here. The same with QGis.

If you haven’t found a way yet there is another method.

Go to the welcome screen

Click More apps

Click install at the software center

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