Software showcase; ARandR

If you’ve ever believed that other display managers are somehow lacking in the amount of control you have over your displays, then there is other software that allow you the control you seek; arandr is one of these pieces of software. Billing itself as just “Another XRandR GUI”, it is as basic and simple as it is powerful, and combined with additional scripting as necessary, can allow you to make of your display setup what you wish.


  • Creation, saving and loading of layouts
  • Binding of layouts via keybinds
  • Visual representation of layout

#How to use

Simply define your display resolutions, if not defined already then organize them as you may need. You can also adjust the orientation of the screen, should you need to, define which display is the “Primary” one (the one other windows may open in, most likely either the leftmost or rightmost display) and the order of the displays simply by dragging and dropping the displays how they should be ordered.

#Why to use over other solutions?
It is universal and cross-platform. arandr, being available on other systems means between them, you can install the tool and use the layout that you want with minimal effort. Being able to save your settings also means that if your system is portable and you use it on variety of displays, you can establish whatever resolutions you need and save them, to later reload and use them with ease.

Having a visual layout you can drag around means you can tell arandr how XRandR should arrange the displays without needing to know all aspects of how XRandR works. For odd setups you can approximate how they’re laid out and XRandR should respect those settings. This allows for a variety of configurations, no matter how many displays, what their resolutions are and how they are orientated.

#How to install
sudo apt install arandr