Software sources


in 18.04, the software boutique appears to be the only (GUI-)source of software… many of the programs I used to use in the past can not be found there, the software center has been dropped… is there any other (GUI-)way to get software beyond the software boutique?!


Another well-working famous alternative is definitely synaptic package manager.

sudo apt install synaptic

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You can install (Gnome) Software (that replaced old Software center) and Synaptic Package Manager in “More programs” tab in Software Boutique. That way you get lots more programs to install.


just go to the more software section in the boutique and ubuntu software and synaptic installable from there


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So the Ubuntu Software Center cannot be installed in 18.04? Synaptic Package Manager may be a little overwhelming for some.


no ubuntu software center is not even developed by ubuntu any more as far as I know Gnome Software is identical to the Ubuntu Software from 16.04 on


wow, thank you all for your replies!! Just got back from work, I will try your suggestions now!

Synaptic looks like the more comprehensive source, but, as Jaybo assumed, it is heavy for newbies. Gnome software is indeed exactly what I was looking for, thanks!


Synaptic package manager has just about every peace of software you might be looking for and is also very fast at installing them as well


Just that you know this.

Synaptic is not hard to use. Even a Windows user could install a program there :grinning:. You just have to click on a package, select install and apply all. That is hardly complicated.

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