Software Updater not listing updates properly?

Hello All... I hope this is the right category :scream:

I thought my problem was solved (maybe it is?), but now I'm getting this message for updates:

This is exactly how I received it, with the 2 boxes ticked.

I clicked it "remind me later" so I could come here and ask.

Also the other day, in Software and Updates, entered "for LTS versions". Is the screen shot I enclosed the one I should be getting?

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What version of Ubuntu Mate are you using?

I had something similar happen to me in 17.10 yesterday. Software Updater was listing updates to software that I do not have installed, and other updates with the boxes unchecked, as you experienced.

Try opening Mate Terminal and see what apt list as available updates

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

After doing this in 17.10 yesterday, apt showed a completely different, and more reasonable list of updates.

I normally update my systems with apt, and yesterday was the first time I attempted to use software updater in 17.10, so I can not say how long this has been accruing.

Hello steven

I'm using 16.04.3 LTS... I ran "sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade". Screen shot below of what I ended up with. I limit my use of the Terminal so I don't screw things up.

I hope this is what you wanted.



Looks like you completed the update by entering Y at the following prompt

Do you want to continue? [Y/n]

If so then your system is up to date.

After entering

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

I was able to compare the differences between what Software Updater and apt listed as available updates, before completing the update.[quote=“matetwo, post:3, topic:14629”]

I limit my use of the Terminal so I don’t screw things up.

That’s how most of us have felt about the terminal at some point. However, the true power in Linux is understanding how to use the command line. It’s not nearly as hard as one might think.

You may wish to read more here:

OK then I guess I’m good to go?



Your system should be updated yes, but Software Updater seems to be misreporting on your system.

I would suggest that the next time your going to update your system, compare the list that is generated by apt in the terminal, with the list that Software Updater gives, before updating. Then decide which seems to be most logical.