Software Updater notification behavior

I have observed this behavior in Ubuntu Mate 15.04 and 15.10. Can someone tell me if it is by design or if I need to file a bug?

In a nutshell… When the software updater detects that there are updates available it presents a button on the Window List of the lower panel. However, there is no window visible on the screen. If I click on the button I see a flash of animation - usually seen when a window is minimized to the Window List button. When I click on the button a second time the software update window appears on the screen.

Is this the intended mode of operation? Perhaps the idea being that software updates should not be too intrusive? I can understand the software updater being launched as a minimized window. However, I would sort of expect that clicking on the button once should bring it on screen. That makes me tend to think it might be a bug.

I hate to bother the developers about something trivial - especially if this is “normal” behavior. Any insight?



Hi Ken,

it may be that you have a slighty broken install instead of it being a bug?. Try running the following 2 terminal commands (Ctrl + Alt + t) and see if anything updates, restart if anything does!:

sudo apt-get --fix-missing install

The above command downloads and installs any missing packages on your system.

sudo apt-get --fix-broken install

The above command downloads and installs any broken dependencies on your system.

@wolfman When Ubuntu MATE 16.04 Alpha 2 is released those fix-up steps are buttons in Ubuntu MATE Welcome :slight_smile: So, get ready to change the advice you give :wink:



that sounds like a good idea!, thanks and I will take note of that!. :smiley:

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are you using compiz?

clicking on the ‘show desktop’ icon on the far left of the bottom panel a few times shows the ‘software updater’ window for me.

Hi @mandarke,

who are you addressing?, if it is me, I don’t use Compiz as I don’t need any fancy gimmicks on my desktop. :smiley:

replying to those that had the problem stated in the OP.

i rather like compiz’ gimmick of playing videos without tearing or inducing epilepsy in 16.04

i’ve since changed over to fedora and 16.10 which seems to not have problems that i solved with compiz.

15.04/15.10 no longer supported