Software Updater problems: Not all updates can be installed and no automatic updates

I am not sure what went wrong but I receive this message when starting the Software Updater.

  1. Is there any way to make this message disappear? This laptop is running Ubuntu MATE 16.04 which I installed months ago on a freshly formatted SSD. No other operating system was installed on this laptop. I don't want to upgrade to 16.10 on this machine. Is this related to the 16.04.1 upgrade?

  2. The Software Updater also won't automatically update and I always have to manually click on it every day despite the fact that I activated Daily Notifications. How to check whether I have it installed? Any help in solving any of these issues is greatly appreciated.

After clicking on Partial Upgrade I get this error message:

Press Continue instead and install the updates.
Then run the Software Updater again!

If it’s telling you to do a Partial Upgrade the second time, click on that.
Restart the computer and run the Software Updater and it should now be uptodate!

I have this problem too, and your metod no work for me, in my case the problem is with the last libreoffice update.

When clicking on Continue, it shows that all software is updated but when I reboot it appears again. Partial upgrade is also not possible (see second screenshot).

This is what happens when I do a "sudo apt-get upgrade" with a terminal, and the libreoffice and some linux don't update...

This appeared on mine too yesterday. I would bet it's due to the new LibreOffice 5.2 update in their PPA.

Try these in a terminal:

sudo apt update
sudo apt dist-upgrade
sudo apt dist-upgrade

I believe it needs to run one set of updates first (e.g. LibreOffice), then run another set of updates (e.g. kernel), and then it should return back to normal.

Also, if this is caused by LibreOffice 5.2, you'll need one extra package to"fix" the theming: libreoffice-gtk2


I thought that was changed to

sudo apt full-upgrade


sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

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This works for me, Thankyou!

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The apt man page only lists full-upgrade, but I think sudo apt dist-upgrade does work.


I uninstalled and purged Libreoffice and then reinstalled it yesterday to fix the theming. I thought it was just me with that problem