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The software updater seems to be working fine but I haven't got any updates show up in 5-6 days. Am I missing them or have there been none in a while. I was getting an update every day or two before, for security or software in Dec.


Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) was on leave for the holidays thus the lack of updates.

It will vary depending on the the version of Ubuntu MATE installed, the software you have installed and the mirrors you are using, but you should be seeing updates now.

I have tried to look for the version I have be haven't been able to find it yet. I have been using "Software and Updates" and "Software Updater "
I just looked again and found the version is 18.04. I just tried to update the version to 19.04 and gave me the message "Upgrades from 18.04 on the i386 architecture are not supported at this time.". Will I get updates still?

If you are using the 32bit version you will not be able to upgrade past Ubuntu MATE 18.04. However you will still continue to get updates until it is EOL which will be April 2021.

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Is there a way to tell if I can use the 64bit version on this computer? If I can't use a 64 bit OS do you have any recommendations on what OS I could use so I could have an up to date OS for this computer?

On the command line run this command:

inxi -C

If you copy and paste the output here we will be able to help you.

If you run that command and see inxi: command not found please do this and then rerun the command above.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install inxi

CPU: Dual core Intel Core2 T5500 (-MCP-) cache: 2048 KB
clock speeds: max: 997 MHz 1: 997 MHz 2: 997 MHz. Its a Compaq nx7400 that had Windows XP Pro on it. Thanks for your help.

According to Intel it has 64-bit instruction set support.

You will need to reinstall in order to move from 32bit to 64bit. If you do this please make sure to do a backup so you can restore the files to the new installation.

Good luck

Ok, thanks for your help :slight_smile: