Software & Updates remove old sources

What sources can I remove from this list and what ones should I reactivate? I did the upgrade via terminal instead of using the .iso .

I’m also interested in the answer to this. I use some of the apps whose repositories appear to have been disables on yakkety (chrome, opera for example). Is 17.04 too new to update some of these things safely?

Just as a starting point, try using the Software Boutique to add the new 17.04 sources that were particular to your old version of MATE. Some, of course, will have no Zesty candidates at this point. Remove old sources as new ones are added. Things like this will take a little time to sort out. Good luck.

So I have my 3rd party ones activated and the official ones in the other tabs have been checked by default. Running a apt-get update it looks like it is checking for new updates for Zesty only. So I should be able to delete the old ones correct?

@RJMcKenzie Looks like you can get rid of the old Yakkety sources to me.