Solus team is making a Mate version of Solus

Ikey and the team are porting mate to solus and they will ofer a new iso with Mate as a DE


That is so nice, m8 :smiley:

You can also read about it in This Week in Solus, their weekly blog posts, and on the Solus Reddit page. They plan to have GTK3 enabled. This is very big news and I am excited to learn more about Solus.

I’m waiting for Solus MATE to give it a try. My Intel Wireless card doesn’t work after suspend on Ubuntu, but it works properly in Solus. This bug has been in launchpad with almost +100 affected users and it’s progressing very very slowly. Because Solus is a much smaller community, you get more attention when you come up with a problem and they help you a lot. A larger community feels like a large city sometimes – they give you a number and tell you to wait in line.

Budgie is now too heavy to run on my hardware, so I have to live with this problem. I appreciate the whole idea and the execution of Ubuntu MATE, but these bugs are really annoying.