[Solved] - Bug report - Chromium html5 video rendering on ubuntu mate 15.10.1

I installed a fresh version of ubuntu mate 15.10.1 then I installed chromium.
When I try to read any html5 video the render video is strange, the colors of the video are a mess !
It work well before on ubuntu mate 15.10, this is an huge regression !

Any ideas to fix that issue ?
I tried with lubuntu too, it is the same.


Open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + t) and run the following command:

sudo apt-get install pepperflashplugin-nonfree

See their website and you might find more info?:

Is this supposed to be under the Raspberry Pi 2 category? There is no Lubuntu distribution for the Pi yet.

If you intended the desktop version, which graphics chip do you have? Proprietary drivers may fix rendering issues if it is an AMD or NVIDIA.

Yes my post is for raspberry pi 2 and yes there is a lubuntu distribution too !
You can download it at https://ubuntu-pi-flavour-maker.org
The Ubuntu mate for rpi2 15.10.1 is based on it too.

My bad, I had no idea about the flavour maker :relieved: - This article was what I found about Lubuntu, so I wasn’t so sure. - Thanks for the clarification.

I just tested this on my Pi 2 (Ubuntu MATE 15.10.1) and also get the same problem in Chromium (47.0.2526.106). No problems in Firefox.

Have you tried disabling “Hardware Acceleration” in the browsers settings?. :smiley:

On raspberry pi 2 it is only software rendering :wink:

I see, sorry but I don’t have a Raspi device so I was taking shots in the dark!. :smiley:

No problem wolfman :slight_smile:
The bug is solved with the new version of chromium (48).

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