[Solved] Group Application Tabs Together

Hello Community,

I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to combine tabs from the same application into one tab stack?

For example on Windows there is an option to group tabs by application. That way you don’t end up with four, five, ten, etc tabs from say LibreOffice. Instead they are grouped vertically. I have looked and can’t find that option so I thought I would turn here to see if anyone knows of a file I can edit, package I download, or whatever.



Yes, you can. Add to panel ‘Dock’.

If you're talking about the standard task bar (the one in the bottom panel on the standard layout) then yes you can.
You gotta right-click the separator to the left of the taskbar applet, then go to Preferences:

And voila:

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Yes, you have to click on the right position to get the options.

Thank you! That is awesome. :joy:

I totally missed seeing that three dash vertical bar on the dark theme. I figured somehow it was possible as other Linux desktops do it.

@ouroumov - You even took screenshots which is beyond the call my Linux friend! Thank you again as I truly am grateful. :clap:

I do hope this post will help others in the future.

I have another odd thing happening but will open another thread to keep topics on point.