[SOLVED] Synapse crashes

Hello there,
I am new to mate and to synaptic. I have been using linux for several years but am not an advanced user. Just so that you take it easy on me :slight_smile:

I have installed the new mate today and updated it. Since then Synapse is constantly crashing. Synapse and only synapse. Everything else seems to work like charm.

Any help?
Thanks in advance


Hi there. Try running Synapse from the terminal, and paste the output to Pastebin when it crashes for us to take a look at the problem.


You could try disabling all the extensions and enabling them one-by-one to identify which one may be causing it to crash.

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Yes, indeed, here you are:

[email protected]:~$ synapse
[INFO 08:04:21.938272] [synapse-main:266] Starting up…
[INFO 08:04:22.037408] [synapse-main:208] Binding activation to space
[INFO 08:04:22.080500] [view-base:251] Screen is composited.
[INFO 08:04:22.081721] [controller:57] Using xim input method.
[WARN 08:04:22.188747] [desktop-file-service:196]
Unable to create AppInfo for
[WARN 08:04:22.192834] [desktop-file-service:196]
Unable to create AppInfo for
[WARN 08:04:22.197847] [desktop-file-service:196] Unable to create AppInfo for /usr/share/applications/vim.desktop
[WARN 08:04:22.199067] [desktop-file-service:196]
Unable to create AppInfo for
[WARN 08:04:22.248420] [desktop-file-service:196] Unable to create AppInfo for /usr/share/applications/brasero-nautilus.desktop
[WARN 08:04:22.258137] [desktop-file-service:196]
Unable to create AppInfo for
[WARN 08:04:22.258444] [desktop-file-service:196]
Unable to create AppInfo for
[WARN 08:04:22.258737] [desktop-file-service:196]
Unable to create AppInfo for
[INFO 08:04:22.262276] [gnome-session-plugin:158] org.gnome.SessionManager is available
[WARN 08:04:22.310131] [ssh-plugin:114] /home/khalil/.ssh/config: Error opening file: No such file or directory
[INFO 08:04:22.331624] [hybrid-search-plugin:179] keeps in cache now 117 file names

BY THE WAY. I cannot disable the plugins. Synapse crashes and re-enables them1

The terminal output looks very similar to another user’s problem. Does Synapse work when executing like this?

GTK_IM_MODULE='' synapse

If that fixes it, see here:

Yes thanks
GTK_IM_MODULE='' synapse
works, but I am not sure about next step, for usr/share/applications/synapse.desktop seems to be a kind of executable file. I am not sure how to edit it.
Thanks again for your help.

Press ALT+F2 and type this:

gksudo pluma /usr/share/applications/synapse.desktop

This will open up the text editor as root to edit the file, where you can replace the command.

I am very grateful. It all works well now.
All the best.

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