[SOLVED] Wifi suddenly "Device is not ready"


my Wifi suddenly stopped working and showing that “Device is not ready”

I checked “rfkill” nothing is blocked

I checked any upgrade and update using apt-get , everything is fine.

I tried my ALFA adapter to connected to the internet and everything is fine

note : my internal wifi adapter is ralink

any suggest where should I start ?

Thanks in advanced!

Hi @NoXoN,

please paste the following command in a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + t) and post the results back here so we can see what hardware you:





Today I came back from work turned on my laptop to check this topic.

I found out that wifi still not working and I have to check using my tablet,

I said let’s do something with terminal, all I did was “sudo modprobe rt2800pci” … and tadaaa … connected.

to be honest I have no idea what caused this problem , my wifi card not even blacklisted or blocked “rfkill list”

so we can say the problem sovled … Thanks!

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