Some bugs and problems i found in the 19.04 daily builds

Hi i’m using the ubuntu mate 19.04 daily builds and its very good i’m gonna keep it as my daily drive cause i see no problems.
The only minor problems/bugs i observed are the following:

  1. You can’t install a deb package with the gdebi-gtk because it needs to have run as root or ask for root permissions i found a workaround and associated deb files with the command pkexec gdebi-gtk

  2. When i tried to install the latest opensource/mesa drivers for my amd graphics cards i installed the oibaf ppa it supports 19.04 release but when i updated the system it couldn’t log me in it dropped me to a terminal window showing only a blinking cursor . I purged the ppa and that fixed everything.

The second problem it’s not ubuntu mate specific. Have a chat with the driver maintainer. For the first i will take a look