Some folders aren't getting backed up

Hi, I'm a new user to ubuntu MATE, although I've been using linux for almost a year now. The default backup software for this distro is really great, I'm really enjoying its simplicity and straightforwardness.

However, any time I create a backup, I have this small problem:

I'm not sure why this happens, because it'll appear even when I don't have firefox (or any other large program) running. Seeing that dconf is one of these not getting backed up, I'm a bit unsure of what might happen if I ever need to restore to a previous state.

Will this be a problem? If so, how can I fix it?

I'm using ubuntu MATE 16.04 64bit, on a single Btrfs partition.


are you doing the back-up as root or normal user?. Any file that has a “dot” (.) in front of it is a system file and it may be a permissions error?. :confused:

I’m not sure, the program doesn’t have any options related to user permissions. However, considering that there are far more hidden files in those directories than just the two erroneous ones, I assume it can back up those other files just fine. Why are those two specifically goofing up?

It does seem to be a strange situation. :neutral_face:

HI @TextChew,

I don’t use it myself as I simply copy all my important files to a backup drive and don’t worry about such things!.

Take a look here which might help you?:

You can excluded everything in ~/. cache from your backups. There is nothing useful for backup purposes in there :slight_smile: