Some Ideas for Bionic, or even Cordial

Don’t get me wrong. I love Ubuntu MATE. It is Ubuntu done right. But here are a few features that would make it GROUNDBREAKING.

  1. Picture in picture from Macos
    I know this is huge and hard to do, but… cmon. it’s picture in picture.
  2. Raven notification and control center from budgie or deepin
    Great feature that would fully compel the user to customize, customize, customize.
  3. More windows-like redmond
    Redmond is kinda… iffy. Pls make more Windows-y.
    4.Better app center
    Make it more like a shop. and not a wire cabinet.

These are all HUGE tasks that I just would love to see. This is just my personal ideas that would make Ubuntu MATE Millions of times better than the millions of times more advanced it is than all other DEs and OSes. I am asking this of you guys specifically because you guys have done the most work I have seen on an ubuntu flavor.

Thanks so much,

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These are some interesting suggestions so I want to comment on them:

  1. This sounds really interesting, but a quick search showed that that feature only works on Apple stuff (iTunes and Safari), which means that Apple is making it themselves and since we use Firefox as the default, I doubt (any official) integration could happen.
    I did find this which seems to promise just that, but doesn’t look to be compatible with Firefox Quantum.
  2. Can’t argue with this, because dealing with notifications is a bit of a pain at this point in time.
  3. This is an interesting thread to read. And if you want, you can always just customize it yourself. And with the latest additions, it’s easier then ever.
  4. You mean this? It’s happening as we speak and will (hopefully) be in 18.04.
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Hopefully they update PiP. Thanks for Finding!
As for everything else, cool cool cool!
(BTW I made cordial up, but That should totally be the name :slight_smile: )