Some Keyboard keys crash on ubuntu mate 18.04

Hi there,

I have installed ubuntu mate 18.04 and the first time I turn up the OS, the keyboard start to crash in the sense that some keys are not working such as ‘a’, ‘s’, ‘l’ would lock the screen and also ‘Backspace’ does not work.

Let’s say it is my first time with linux and trying different IDE I found that this does not happen on Xubuntu or Ubuntu 18.04 (but I have used it for so few time that maybe I am wrong and this problem could come up also on others IDEs)

I used an external keyboard through USB and it has the same problem hence I suppose is a software problem, I installed also windows 10 in dual boot and this problem is not existent.

Another important thing I want to say is that I actually can solve this problem by logging out and loggin gin again and with this trick I do not have any problem until I shut down the pc

do you have some thoughs?