Some suggestions for Ubuntu Mate 20.04 LTS


Hello to everyone in the development team,

I have a couple of suggestions for UM 20.04 LTS. I think it would be a good idea to include Gnome software by default and give the user an option to install a snap version of a program in the Software Boutique. Snaps are really useful for new users like myself and I've seen that our new users are much happier using snaps instead of adding PPAs.

I'm really happy with UM and would like to say a big thank you to everyone in the development team for making such a great desktop & OS!


Although a long time Ubuntu user and Ubuntu_Mate since 16.04, I am no way a power user. I have yet to use Snaps probably because of unfamiliarity with it. I would have no issue with a change or alternative approach to managing installed software.

However, my recommendation/suggestions for 20.04 would be two items:

  1. Do not include any experimental packages like 18.04 did with libsane
  2. Please fix the HDMI sound interface, I am constantly changing my audio settings every time I connect or disconnect an HDMI plug. Sound settings should adjust automatically based on if HDMI is plugged in or not.


try using:
pactl load-module module-switch-on-connect
That Pulseaudio module should switch audio to HDMI

if it works, you can add it to load with every boot:
echo -e "\nload-module module-switch-on-connect" | sudo tee -a /etc/pulse/

HDMI/TV suggestion for next release

Software boutique will have snap install integration in the future. About gnome apps they are available to install and will not come by default in Ubuntu Mate.


Hello APolihron

Are there any plans to bring Flatpak and Flathub to Ubuntu-Mate, e.g. the way MX Linux does:

Just asking. :slightly_smiling_face:


Personally i don't think , but you never know. This is Martin territory because we never discussed this.


Thank you APolihron for confirming that snaps will be integrated into the Software Boutique! Since Gnome software won't be installed by default, I'm assuming that the snap permissions will be managed through the boutique? All in all, great news! :grinning:


My pleasure. And thanks for using Ubuntu Mate.


About the permission of the snaps I can't comment at this time because i don't know. What i can say is that the dev team is working at this time at a new version of software boutique that will have snap integration and we hope that we have a stable version untill the next release. When i will have some new news about it i will share but until then i will leave it to Martin and the dev team to give updates regarding to the dev stage and features of the app. Thanks


Thanks for this all of this info! If Martin & the dev team integrate the snap permissions along with the snaps into the software boutique then you don't need to install gnome software to manage the snap permissions.

I love using Ubuntu Mate! You can tell that the dev team puts a lot of effort into every new release and that they listen to user feedback - in contrast to some other DEs/distros.